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We undertake the manufacturing, provision of and works associated with dentures. We take pride in the quality of our work and our fully trained and experienced staff are dedicated to your smile.

The denture making process is very important and should not be rushed. You will usually attend for 3 or 4 appointments with initial consultations free to all patients.

If you need the extraction of teeth prior to your new dentures, this can be carried out by our dentist or you may be referred to a specialist clinic. In either case the denture will be fitted immediately following your extractions so you will not have to leave with missing teeth.

For patients with natural teeth standing, our staff within our dental clinic will be able to provide consultation and exam and other remedial treatment. Please Click here for details

We never forget that they are your dentures and we encourage you to bring a friend or relative with you for a second opinion. It is important that you still “look like you” and the dentures are not finished until you feel confident this is the case.

Our aim is to offer high quality workmanship in a relaxed and friendly environment so that you do not feel too intimidated to tell us of any concerns you may have.

It is not unusual to find that your new dentures become uncomfortable and we advise patients to return to have them eased or adjusted. This may take several visits before you feel completely comfortable.

It is important to us that as far as possible you see the same team throughout your treatment, whichever clinic you attend. However, should you have a preference to be treated by a specific member of staff, then please let our reception team know and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Crawley Down has suitable access for disabled patients.

We are CQC registered and inspected, please click here to view the inspection report.

We accept payments by cash or credit/debit card.

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